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cowgirl185 scored 94 995 playing Icy Fishes
26-06-2013 17:18
anki scored 4 964 playing Fruity 4 Connect
24-09-2012 11:49
ankit scored 16 450 playing Icy Fishes
24-09-2012 11:39
ankit scored 1 224 playing Wacky Ballz Jump
24-09-2012 11:18
ankit scored 247 playing Zombie Toss
24-09-2012 10:46

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Welcome to uFriv!! Play Friv Games!! Friv!
Welcome to ufriv, best online gaming portal in the world we have collected best online games for you to play around the world on ufriv we even added new games regularly on ufriv whenever we find any good games for you to play on ufriv, as we are focused to provide only good games on ufriv we have best online racing games, best online action games, best online fighting games, best online puzzle games , best online shooting games and many other games into other category we add every game we find interested that’s not all we even support high score in some of our games through our high score API, by which you can register your own high score and become the winner of the game on ufriv, you can even create cups by selecting your favorite high score games and invite your friends to play that games, We even provide you a option to make your own account on ufriv where you can make your own profile and save your score, make your favorite game, even make other players your friend on ufriv and send private message between them only on ufriv, register user even can upload games on ufriv and comment on others profile as if they like games adding by them, these all things make ufriv your best choice to play online games.